City Darpan

About City Darpan

The 18 years old, national Hindi monthly news magazine- ‘City Darpan’ from Chandigarh-the City Beautiful, (bearing Registration Number CHAHIN/2003/9265 at RNI )of North India is a name to be reckoned with unparalleled repute and recognition, having bold, truth based and balanced news/articles and features. It’s official News Portal  covers thoroughly the north India i.e. Hindi speaking belt of the country-especially Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh & Jammu Kashmir etc. and provides  first hand information to more than three lakh visitors daily without any delay through our extensive distribution of network of ‘ ’ & News Magazine .

          Our experienced team of journalists’ (having more than 20 yrs of experiences at national fora) contributes for the ‘City Darpan’ news magazine as well as news portal to cover North India

          All the state governments’ including Haryana, Punjab & Chandigarh, has already given formal recognition with ‘Accreditation’ to ‘City Darpan’ national hindi monthly news magazine and proper recognition to its news portal for hassle free reporting to our journalists. We are grateful to the respective states as well as our viewers or readers, who believe in us.

                                      Dr. Bhupinder Sharma,

                                      Editor in Chief