As per the decision in the General House, a committee has been constituted for making necessary changes in the Constitution of the Chandigarh Press Club.  

Gobind Thukral (founder member and former president) — Chairman 

 VP Prabhakar (former president)

 Balwant Takshak (former president)

 Nanki Hans (former president)  — Convener 

 Surinder Khullar (Veteran member)

 Naresh Kaushal (former general secretary)

 Ranju Aery (former general secretary)

  President and General Secretary (2018-19) have been attached with the committee for any assistance.

 Birender Rawat (President governing council 2018-19)

 Jaswant Rana (Secretary General governing council 2018-19)

Saurabh Malik is attached to the committee for legal advice 

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