World Population Day 2018 Celebration

Chandigarh, July 2018: The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) School of Public Health, doctors observed the World Population day at Urban Training Centre Sector 38, Chandigarh.

Under the guidance of Asst. Professor Dr Kathirvel, Senior Resident Dr Har Ashish Jindal and Multipurpose health worker Ms Rupinder organized the World Population Day in collaboration with Senior Medical Officer, Dr Harjeet Kaur at Civil Dispensary Sector 38. Dr Har Ashish Jindal addressed an audience of 25- 30 individuals and highlighted the significance of world population day with a background of its history in 1989 and the need of population stabilization as we grow in number and reduction in resources.He told that India is 1.3 billion and counting with an area only 17% of the world. He told that population stabilization is the need of this era.

Doctors started with giving an example that planning is important for life,similarlyit is very important to plan your family. They highlighted that today “family planning is a human right” and there are various methods and approaches to do it. The various methods of family planning were enumerated. The demonstration of condom use was done by Dr Har Ashish Jindal andeducated the audience to check for an expiry date, pinch the teet of the condom before use, added benefit in protection against sexually transmitting diseases and proper disposal of condom. Dr HarjeetKaur SMO also urged the promotion of family planning methods on World Population Day.

Dr Har Ashish Jindal also emphasized on the use of injectionbased contraceptives i.e. depot medroxy progesterone acetate(DMPA) which help with “tension free 3 months” for family planning. Ms Rupinder Kaur explained the use of Oral Contraceptive pills and Intrauterine devices for family planning. The benefit of “tension free for 10 years” was told to the audience. The audience were told about a help line number 1800 116 555 for any queries regarding any family planning methods and help them make better choices for them. Furthermore, it was also told that minimum difference between two subsequent pregnancy should be 3 years to benefit and recovery of the mother’s health from the previous pregnancy.

The audiences were very participative and asked question on permanent methods of family planning. It was asked by the audience does vasectomy lead to weakness in men and Doctors explained that this is a myth and vasectomy is a safe procedure and does not reduce strength to do work or sexual activity among males.

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