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Prof M S Sandhu has taken over as the Head of the Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging at PGIMER ,Chandigarh from October 1st 2018.

Prof Sandhu has to his credit over 130 Research Publications, Presentations and Scientific Contributions and he has been awarded the Dr M L Agarwal Oration and Fellowship of the Indian College of Radiology for his contributions to the field of Radiology. The Royal College of Radiologists , London , UK has previously awarded Prof Sandhu with a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training in 2005. CCST is a Degree of equivalence conferred by The Royal Colleges in select cases.

Dr Sandhu has previously worked at AIIMS, New Delhi  as a Consultant before moving to PGIMER, Chandigarh. He has also had significant overseas work experience having previously  worked in Australia and England.

Dr Sandhu was promoted to Professor in 2008, and had to often administer the Department as its Acting Head over the last 10 years, thus helping him gain valuable administrative and management experience.

Prof Sandhu takes over as Head of one of the largest and busiest Radiology Departments in the country which has a highly dedicated team of  100 Doctors, along  with  110 skilled technical staff all of whom work tirelessly in tandem in the  5 different Radiology Centers spread out on the vast PGI campus, all equipped with the latest state of the art machinery and technology.

The Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging is a crucial feeder Department for the entire Institute and helps in the diagnosis and correct treatment of patients which are referred to  PGI from all over North India. The next generation of radiologists is trained here amidst cutting edge Research being conducted by the Faculty and the Residents in the various sections of the Department. The Department is considered by many to offer the best Postgraduate Training Course  in India, and positions for these are highly coveted, with very intense competition for placements.

The Interventional Radiology Section of this Department is extremely well developed and is equipped with the latest state of the art machinery, being  amongst the best in the country, where sophisticated procedures are performed which are currently not being done at any other hospital in India. These include Cryoablation and Irreversible Electroporation which are selectively used in the treatment of some Cancer patients such as in Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys, Prostrate amongst others.

Prof Sandhu says his focus will be on ensuring transparency in all aspects of  the Department , maintaining professional discipline and high standards. His endeavour will be to streamline the appointment system and try reduce the wait list of appointments , ensure timely reporting as well as quicker dispatch of reports.

Prof Sandhu is  currently the  President Elect of the Chandigarh Branch of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association of India. He is a  keen rider , a former All India National Horse Polo Champion and he is also an accomplished Pilot with a Private Pilots License, having done a special course in Aerobatics.

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