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PGI News

Special Interview of PGI Doctor(Prof. Bhavna Rai)

Complete Punjab Budget

Complete Haryana Budget

Himachal Pradesh News

Uttar Pradesh News

Special Interview of Chancellor of Desh Bhagat University

Special Health Article (By Dr. Daler Singh Multani)

Special Column on Yoga(By Dr. Atul Patni)

Special News Coverage on Gandhi Samarak Bhawan sector 16, Chandigarh

Special Feature on HOLI (By Sudarshan Sharma)

Special Health Article (By Dr. Rajiv Kapila)

Special Coverage on Indian Army (Subhash Goyal)

Special Recipes for Holi festival (By PGI Dietetic Department)

Rashifal March 2019 (By Acharya Baladutt Pujari)



Editor in Chief of City Darpan, national hindi news magazine.

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