Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh issues directions for Cyber Cafe owners

Chandigarh, 18th July 2018: Whereas it has been made to appear to Sh. Ajit Balaji Joshi, I.A.S., District Magistrate, Chandigarh that a large number of commercial places/shops have come up in Chandigarh popularly known as Cyber Cafes and a large number of people visit these places to use the facilities available there including e-mail facilities. And, that certain anti-social elements, criminals and terrorists may use these facilities to mislead the security/investigation agencies, create panic in the public, endanger the security of general public, VIPs and government institutions, and help the terrorist activities directly affecting the security of the State.

And whereas, Sh. Ajit Balji Joshi, I.A.S, District Magistrte, U.T., Chandigarh is of the opinion that immediate action is necessary to take speedy recourse to prevent danger to human lives from any terrorist act which may affect the security of the State and disturb the public peace and tranquility.

Now therefore, Sh. Ajit Balaji Joshi, I.A.S., District Magistrate, Chandigarh in exercise of the powers vested with him under section 144 Cr. P.C., hereby direct the owner of the Cyber cafes to strictly comply with the following:

(i)                Prohibiting the use of Cyber Cafes by unknown person whose identity has not been established by the owner of the café.

(ii)              Maintaining a register for identity of the visitor/user.

(iii)            Make an entry in the handwriting of the visitor/user mentioning name, address, telephone number and identity proof. The visitor/user shall also sign the register kept for this purpose.

(iv)            The identity of the visitor/user shall be established through identity card, voter card, ration card, driving licence, passport and photo credit card.

(v)              Activity server log should be preserved in main server  and its record should be preserved for at least six months.

(vi)            If any activity of the visitor is of a suspicious nature, the owner of the Cyber Cafe will inform the police station.

(vii)          Record the maintained about the specific computer used by the person.

This order shall come into force from zero hours on 09.07.2018 and is addressed to the public in general.

This order shall be promulgated by affixing copy thereof at the Notice Board of the Office of the District Magistrate, Chandigarh and publication in the newspapers having circulation in the area, through the office of the D.P.R., Chandigarh.

Given under my hand and seal on 06.07.2018.

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